• Shipping Agent since 1986, Mersin Turkey.
  • Started to operate throughout Asia, Europe, America, and Middle East as a Ship Agent
  • Specializing in Chartering fuel tankers and chemical carriers.
  • Achieved great success in transportation business in 1989
  • Became a direct contractor and Project cargo forwarder
  • In 1991, ACT Trade commenced to operate in industrial cargo & project transportation and started to serve major cement companies of Turkey through forwarding import and export goods in door-to-door basis.
  • Freight forwarder for ÇİMSA Cement Factory Mersin, Turkey
  • Freight forwarder for ÇİMSATAŞ Mersin,Turkey
  • Freight forwarder for YILDIZ A.Ş Ankara, Turkey
  • 3 million tons for Petro coke & Coal Imported from U.S.A, Russia and South Africa for 6 Cement Factories and Sugar Factories in Turkey
  • Imported Investment Materials for 6 Cement Factories from all over the world.
  • In 2003, with Iraqi freedom act, ACT Trade started to operate as a Procurement Agent of US Army Forces under MRO Prime vendor program. From 2003 till now, ACT has supplied numerous products and delivered over 20.000 trucks to various locations in Iraq, Kuwait and Bahrein.
  • In 2003, ACT Trade commenced its Lease/Rental Services by being contracted for 30 each Reefer Trucks with operators for US Army in Northern Iraq. In 2005, the contract amount reached 102 Reefer Trucks.
  • In 2004, ACT Trade started its Construction Services by constructing Camp Project at various locations in Northern Iraq for US Army.
  • ACT Trade took place in “Top 500 Exporters” in Turkey in 2004
  • In 2005, ACT started its Food Services by being contracted for Food Concessionaire for Incirlik Air Base Officer’s and Golf Club for 9 years period.
  • In addition to DSCP MRO Program Iraq, ACT Trade currently has operations in Iraq in procurement, logistics, rental/lease (Heavy machinery and trucks), and food and construction services.
  • ACT Trade is a member of Mediterranean Exporter Unisons and has DUNS, NCAGE and CCR registrations.
  • ACT Trade become a vendor and strategic partner for (US origin) Theodor Wille Intertrade GmbH which is owned by American Keller Group, Prime Vendor for US Army.
  • ACT Trade has improved its scale and awarded with Electrical Power Cable Orders from US Army. ACT Trade has supplied 550KMS cables (4 M USD appr. In 2007)
  • The transport of  US embassies in CIS countries are the current projects going on and expect to continue for  the coming 6 years.
  • AZOV/ROSTOV natural gas tanks and  equipments for AIR PRODUCKTS  UK including various over size pieces from 47 mtrs to 55 mtrs and over 130 tons and act as Air Products UK in Turkey for all their logistic/transport  needs. ( In 2014-2015 )
  • ACT Trade, commit ourselves to provide transportation services to Syria in a safe and timely manner. We deliver your goods undamaged by engaging our fleet and equipment according to the export demands of all Syrian provinces. In Syria we provide freight management, contract logistics and procurement services for a wide range of customers across all industry sectors. ( since 2013 )
  • Also, along with her regular activities, ACT Trade is supplying and securely forwarding various non-governmental, humanitarian organizations’, such as Save The Children, Chemonics, Adam Smith International and others, foods and materials to Syria via Cilvegözü and Oncu Pınar border crossings, in door to door basis.

There are 2 border crossings that most of the NGO’s are using for Syria 

Bab Al Salama ( Kilis/Gaziantep border crossing)

Bab Al Hawa   ( Cilvegözü/Antakya border crossing)

  • ACT Trade has been doing deliveries within Syria since the last 3,5 years and  done more than 3500 truckloads.

There some issues with the products/goods that the NGO are willing to send as an AID which ACT Trade can be a great value with our exclusive expertise.

  • Some government and NGO’s we are providing services for Syria;
    DFID, Crown Agent, Adam Smith International, Creative, Chemonics, Save the Childeren

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